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We have various Designs for the Pulverisers/Grinding machines which are as below:

  1. Air Swept Mills:
  2. These machines are used for fine Grinding and can give fineness upto 200 mesh with the advantage of being that the Blower and the grinding mill both are in one line and thereby being driven with a single motor.

  3. Hammer Mills:
  4. These machines are used for crushing and grinding application with the options of having fixed or rotating hammers. These machines can also be used for wet slurry crushing.

  5. Pin Mills:
  6. Mostly used in Pharma Industries and sugar grinding process, these machines are used for grinding heat sensitive products giving optimum grinding performance. We manufacture Pin mills with the option of Pins rotating and with Liners rotating both simultaneously.

  7. Ultra Fine Mills:

These are also known as Screen Less pulveriser which gives fine grinding of powder upto 200 mesh with the attachment of adjusting the gap plate for very fine particle size upto 400 mesh.