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Finex Tumbling Machine

Tumbling Machine catalogue:

It is a unique simulation of hand screening by the eye. The mechanical simulation is achieved by the Tumbler screening machine which works on the principle of gyratory motion which enhances the horizontal motion of the plain sifter. The eccentricity speed can be varied to vary the residence time of the powder to be screened.

The three dimensional tumbling motion distributes the screening material over the entire surface of the screen. Gentle low frequency and high amplitude movement increases the screening efficiency without screen blinding. Ordinary motors are being used with pulleys to generate tumbling motion. Accessories such as top and bottom rotating brushes are offered to prevent screen blinding to take place.

Sizes offered are from 24 inch to 72 inch Diameter.

From Single deck to multiple decks of 5 screens,6 separation are available.

It can handle in feed of material from 100 kgs to 10,000 kgs per hour.

It is used for screening and grading of powders from 10 mesh to 400 mesh.

It can be fabricated in Carbon steel and Stainless Steel.


Models offered:

Model no




24 inch

2 HP


36 inch

2 HP


48 inch

3 HP


60 inch

5 HP


72 inch

7.5 HP



Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Cosmetics, Plastics, Metal powders, Stones, Ores Minerals, Wood Flour etc.

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Download Brochure
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