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We manufacture various types of screening machines depending upon the application.They are as follows:

  1. Rotary Sifters:
    1. For screening of very fine particle size,rotary sifters can separate powders up to 120 mesh for a capacity of 4-5 Tons per hour. Please refer to SR series for more information.
    2. For gentle crushing where material is hydroscopic or lumps are being fed from the Inlet.

  2. Graders (Rectangular Screening Machine):
    1. For screening of material with low bulk density we have our range of rectangular screening machines which gives heavy vibrations for the screening to take place.
    2. For cleaning of various food products.

  3. Vibrating Screens:
    These are standard machines available in various sizes ranging from 1 ft to 6 ft in diameter with the possibility of having multiple decks for various applications.

  4. Tumbling Machine:
    This machine looks very similar to Vibroscreens but gives a shaking movement to the material thereby able to screen difficult powders which cannot be sieved by conventional means.