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Finex Pellet making plant

The Pin Palletizer Mixer is a high-speed mixer, agglomerate that conditions and micro-pelletizes by converting the fine powders into small agglomerates through the action of a high speed rotor shaft with pin assembly in a MACHINED STATIONARY CASING.

The Pelletizer produces spherical micro-pellets, granules by combining the dry feed with a liquid binder/water mixture. Pellets are formed when the dry feed particles are dispersed by the rotor in the first section of the chamber that comes in contact with fine sprays of binder solution or water. The high-speed rotation of the rotor with atomizing of spray, coats individual powder particles with the binder that pelletizes the particles into roundish spheres, granules.

The Pelletizer speed can be varied from 100 to 750 RPM. The gap between the Rotating Rotor and casing can also be varied from 3mm to 6mm . Accordingly the pellets size dia will be determined .
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