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  1. Screw Conveyors

    Application is mechanical conveying of powders in a U trough or pipe design by a flight screws that horizontally convey the powders , it is meant to convey nonabrasive non friable powders only.

    • Can Offer Horizontal as well as Inclined Screw Conveyors.
    • Can offer from 100kgs to 10,000kgs/hr conveying
    • Screw diameter -Range from 100mm to 600mm.
    • Length upto 10 meters long.

  2. Belt Conveyors

    Belt conveyors can convey any powder or any granule from horizontal to 30 degrees inclined.

    • Belt widths can be from 150mm to 600mm
    • Length can be up to 30 meters long.
    • Can offer from 100kgs to 20,000kgs/hr.
    • Can offer with food grade belts which are non-sticky in nature.

  3. Vibrating Feeders

    Vibrating Feeders are for feeding downstreamgrinding machine at a steady preset feed rate .It works on the principle ofelectromagnetic vibrations whose intensity can be increased or decreased to vary fast or slow feed rate of granules to the Grinding machine.

    It works on single phase power with variator to vary speed flow rate of material on the vibrating pipe or tray .

    Capacity is from 100kgs to 5000kgs/hr.

  4. Rotary Air Lock Valves

    These are generally used at the outlet of the Cyclone at the end of the Pneumatic Conveying system to only allow the material to pass through and lock the air coming out from the cyclone. They help to collect the material uniformly into a bag at the discharge end.
    It can be also used to at the Infeed point of any Screening/Grinding Machine to uniformly feed the machine at a preset rate.

    • Available in Diameter ranging from 150mm to 750mm
    • Can offer from 100 kgs to 10,000 kgs/hr feed rate
    • Can offer in Totally SS as well as Mild Steel