These are Screenless Pulverizers plants from 12inches dia to 48 inches Dia .One of the Largest Fine Grinding plants manufactured in the World. Integrated Grinding Pulverizer with Built in Blower, Cyclone and Open or Closed type of Pulse Jet Dust Collector.

This is a Screenless Pulverizer for fine grinding of chemicals, The Grinding chamber consists of top and bottom serrated liners. In the center is the Rotor with swinging hammers with two bearing housings on both sides with leak proof sealing arrangements . The Grinding chamber is connected to a Built in Blower by a Cone Design .On the rotor shaft between the cone is a whizzer that permits gap adjustment from 1mm to 20 mm between rotating arms and stationary Cone.Only the grinded powder gets sucked in to the Built in blower on the same shaft which positively pneumatically transfers the grinded powder through a pipeline to the Cyclone and PJDC Dust Collector is connected with an External Exhaust Centrifugal Blower that helps in conveying the powder and also in discharging clean air to atmosphere.

The Grinded powder will be meeting your criteria of 99% Efficiency.All product contact parts can be of Stainles steel or Mild steel.
Can be used for Grinding minerals, chemicals, Abrasives, Cereals,
Can handle In feed size from 5mm to 25mm and will grind powders from 100mesh to 400mesh.
Grinding Capacities from 100kgs to 6000kgs/hr
Model  H.P  Cap. 
Asm 450  20 hp  250 Kgs/hr 
Asm 600  40 hp  500 Kgs/hr 
Asm 900  60 hp  1000 Kgs/hr 
Asm 1200  100 hp  2000 Kgs/hr
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